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Excellent database installation and maintenance services. SQL server experts were good and very knowledgeable. Hope to work with them again.

Desmond A.

After spending 4 years in real estate, I started a Scrum career which I really find comfortable. Amirez Technologies offers good Scrum trainings.

Jones W.

Best online scrum training ever. Studied, scrum, jira, kanban, so much than I expected. I am glad that I found this training. My new career is the best I ever expected.

Elsa s.

Testimonials: Testimonials

Team was so good at training our employees and transitioning our company from waterfall to agile. Everything went on so smoothly. Experienced scrum team.

Alba G.

Most people tell me I am the youngest scrum master they ever met. Thank you A. Tech.

Paul P.

The job of Scrum Master sounded so funny to me till I took this course and knew how important this role is to companies. I thank everyone here.

Hillman Z.

Testimonials: Testimonials

After my bachelor's in computer science, I wasn't really paid well. I studied this Scrum training and got a much better pay. I also like this career because it made me more interactive with people.

Mona B.

Good linux installation experts and rates are good. Thanks for the work done on time.

Riley I.

Good at small business consulting. Helped me so much in building my newly started company.

Jennifer J

Testimonials: Testimonials
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